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Webber Wentzel's Profile - Workforce™ by Slatecube

Johannesburg, South Africa   ·   +27115305000

About Webber Wentzel


100 - 999

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Who we are

We are the leading full-service law firm on the African continent. We combine the collective knowledge and experience of our firm to provide clients with seamless, tailored and commercially-minded business solutions within record times.

What we do

With 150 years of experience and industry knowledge, Webber Wentzel is the leading full-service law firm on the African continent.

Our passion to help our clients achieve their goals shows in the quality of the delivery of our service. We aim to add value in everything we do and to be the trusted adviser to our clients.

Our alliance with Linklaters and our deep relationships with outstanding law firms across Africa provides our clients with the best expertise wherever they do business.

We believe in making a positive contribution to the communities in which we work and we are proud to call ourselves home to one of South Africa’s most long-standing, dedicated pro-bono practices. We are committed to promoting access to justice for all South Africans, upholding the Constitution and protecting the rule of law.

Our Culture

At Webber Wentzel we believe in utilising our Candidate Attorneys for more than just their stapling, photocopying or coffee making skills. Not only will you be a valuable member of our team, but you’ll develop exceptional skills to become a world-class attorney.

We see ourselves as a meritocracy, rewarding high quality work and leadership with promotion. Our Candidate Attorney retention rate and number of young partners bears testimony to this practice. We too believe in investing where it matters most. Each year we award scholarships and bursaries to LLB students and internally we pride ourselves in investing in training to equip our staff with the skills and knowledge to facilitate their personal growth. We are also mindful of the importance of having work-life balance, so the Webber Wentzel Employee Wellness Programme provides you with professional support to deal with the challenges that you face in life.

Working at Webber Wentzel

We are proud of our 150-year history as a leading South African law firm with a reputation for excellence.
Our people go further to support our clients, with market-leading legal insight and innovation.
And we go further for each other - working collaboratively with each other and our clients.

​Our People
Through our collective efforts, we ensure that our people are able to reach their full potential.
Our people are not all about what they do for the firm - they have interests well outside of work and colourful career journeys which add to the diversity and richness of our working environment.

Our Values
Our values guide what we do so that every action we take makes us stronger and brings us closer to realising our goals.
Our seven values shape what we expect of ourselves and each other.

A Global Outlook
Our clients are increasingly expanding and globalising their businesses.
If you’re a globally-minded person who’s passionate about problem-solving, then Webber Wentzel is the right choice for you.

Serving & Investing in Community
We are committed to promoting access to justice for all South Africans, upholding the Constitution and protecting the rule of law. In our most recent financial year, we spent 21,014 hours on pro bono related matters, valued at approximately ZAR 48.5 million.

Through the Webber Wentzel Empowerment Trust, we have committed to ensuring transformation in the legal sector.

Transformation, Diversity & Inclusivity
We strive to nurture a working environment where difference is valued. In our experience, diverse teams find better, more creative and more robust solutions. To achieve an inclusive culture is to fully embrace diversity of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and disability.

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