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Knowledge Officer's Profile - Workforceâ„¢ by Slatecube

London, UK   ·   +447736351044

About Knowledge Officer


10 - 99

Company Type

Learning Partner

Who we are

Knowledge Officer is an official Slatecube training partner that focuses on the most desirable industry skills, helping you to go from a complete novice to a hireable professional in a time frame that suits you best.

What we do

Our Artificial Intelligence analyses job descriptions from top companies to pick out the most important skills. Then we compare your current skillset to your chosen career and focus your learning in the right places.

Aided by expert human curation, our machines source the highest quality learning materials to give you the best content possible. We also pick out the key learnings, create challenges, track your progress, answer your questions and allow you to compete with your friends - proven ways to learn more effectively.

Our Track Record

80,000+ Online Learners from 115 Countries | 78.5% Graduation Rate | 500+ Mentor Check-ins worldwide | 140+ Mock Interviews Worldwide | 81% Content Satisfaction Rate | 80% Program Satisfaction Rate

Our Career Programmes


      Company Founder                 Product Manager (Pro)                    Growth Manager



      Product Manager                      Marketing Specialist                    

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Our Courses

Product Manager Accelerator (Pro)

The Product Management Career Accelerator by Knowl...

Digital Marketing Accelerator (Plus)

Learn all about creating great content, expertly t...

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