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Honeywell Group Limited's Profile - Workforceâ„¢ by Slatecube

Lagos, Nigeria   ·   +234-1-290-0525

About Honeywell Group Limited


100 - 999

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Who we are

Buoyed by a storied track record of pioneering, managing and building successful African enterprises, our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

We operate on strong corporate governance practices, world-class processes and a comprehensive understanding of the business environment we operate in.

Our business decisions are driven by our values and our commitment to use enterprise to make our world better.

What we do

We are passionate about creating and enabling the growth of companies driving sustainable value across the African continent.

Our Culture

Responsibility Beyond Ourselves:

We think of our businesses beyond their profitability. We are active catalysts for developing our society and a vehicle for positive change. We seek to make our world a better place. Responsibility is not an afterthought; it is the foundation of our enterprise.


We value and celebrate excellence. We consistently deliver outstanding results to our stakeholders. We strive for excellence in all we do. We will continue to build on our heritage by ensuring that every action we undertake is guided by excellence.


We set the highest ethical standards for ourselves and are uncompromising in adhering to them. Accountability, fairness and strong moral principles will always define our character.


We are not afraid to dream. We are daring, we are bold, and we pursue our vision with tenacious passion. We are not daunted by difficult situations. Courage for us means continuously breaking new grounds; challenging and exceeding conventional limits.

Respect for the Individual:

We recognise and appreciate every individual in the organisation and their contributions towards our collective goals. We are open to new perspectives and encourage diversity. We foster an environment based on fairness and mutual respect.

Roles we hire for

HEP Summer 2020

The programme is open to individuals across all di...

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Our Assessments

Summer 2020 - Honeywell Excellence Programme (HEP)

7 Traits · 80 Minimum Score

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