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GirlCode ZA's Profile - Workforceâ„¢ by Slatecube

Johannesburg, SA   ·   +27 614 441 737

About GirlCode ZA


10 - 99

Company Type

Information Technology

Who we are

GirlCode is a registered NPO (158-642) aimed at empowering women through technology. We believe that the more women get involved with tech, design, development and leadership,the more successful and diverse companies and their products will be in the future. 

What we do

Our future growth is limited by a chronic shortage of skills and lack of women in tech. This gap isn’t just bad for women, its bad for business.

Here are the four major ways we know to create scalable and measurable impact.

GirlCode aims to develop and deliver skills training program in the software development industry.

to alleviate the current unemployment rise through a targeted skills and
job placement initiative for women.

GirlCode aims to transfer knowledge and skills and to develop a professional attitude in the learners.

To empower women who come from different backgrounds to work collaboratively in creating new innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our Culture

This statement drives our company culture -

``it’s not enough for young girls to just 'play with technology', we have to encourage and give them a chance to understand, create, and work with it.``

Our Tech Stack

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. NODE JS

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Roles we hire for

Female Software Engineer

This track is used to hire female developers on Sl...

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